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Establish your executive presence and demeanor

Execu-Image is a realistic 21st century two-day seminar that explores your professional business leader presence, from the very obvious to the very subtle.

With flattening of organizations and the reengineering that exists in the corporate world today, this seminar is vital for keeping a competitive edge.

Frederick Knapp Associates developed Execu-Image to help executives and high potential managers learn how to project the elements of a highly competitive business leader.

This seminar explores the options and challenges of a company leader. It shows you how to identify your own strengths and weaknesses in numerous areas of importance . . . from professional dress and speaking skills to shaping, controlling and directing productive team and department meetings. FKA's Execu-Image helps you zero in on the ways you can enhance your career with a solid push forward . . . now!


You and your Execu-Image seminar coaches examine how to communicate with a leader's persuasiveness; subtle gestures that connote executive bearing; the professional's code of business etiquette and how to know and use those unwritten business decorum nuances; how to command respect without being aggressive.

The Execu-Image seminar shows you how your dress functions as a quality business symbol and ways to strike the right chord between business casual and regular business attire. How to dress appropriately for all assignments . . . including dress down days in the office, after hours functions and casual off-site meetings.

Execu-Image will give you the poise, polish and presence to stand out as a leader who commands attention, authority and respect.

Invaluable insights become clear as you view your frequent video replays to help you perfect your very special, professional image.

A private consultation on the second day provides positive reinforcement to the video replays and your questions.


Execu-Image participants say the real-life benefits of the program are:

  • Awareness of the unwritten codes of business 

  • Awareness of the image you project to others and the image expected of you by your management 

  • Correct business and business-social etiquette including the finer points of dining etiquette 

  • The vital importance of first impressions 

  • Impact in leadership speaking, formally and informally 

  • Greater poise, authority and self-confidence 

  • Correct business dress -- how it affects others and functions as a business symbol 

  • Better leadership abilities in meetings 

  • Identification of specific strengths and areas of concern 

  • Knowledge of how to do speaker introductions, toasts and to give and receive awards 

  • Positive reinforcement of image improvement goals in a private consultation you will have on the second day

For immediate improvement which will take you and your team to a higher level, contact Frederick J. Knapp Associates. Let us know when or how we can help you. 

The cost to do so is minimal, the results can be monumental!

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