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Polish your critical speaking and presentation skills

Execu-Speak is a comprehensive two-day seminar designed to develop and sharpen management speaking skills.

Business men and women are faced with many challenges. Managing their time and their staff. Meeting goals. Motivating people. Communicating in the virtual office.

Productivity and performance are woven throughout these challenges. And, chances are in each situation, the person who communicates effectively is the one who will succeed.


Execu-Speak is designed for the businessperson who needs to give credible, convincing and dynamic presentations. Before groups both large and small. Standing or speaking from a seated position. Formal and informal situations. Presentations utilizing PowerPoint, the computer, flipcharts, card decks, videos and slides.

  • You learn how to project strength and enthusiasm in your speaking voice
  • You will learn word power and how to choose phrases and words that will stimulate and persuade your audience
  • You will learn how to use microphones, lecterns and the professional way to use visual aids
  • You will learn proven ways to overcome apprehension so you can project self-confidence and professional poise

The Frederick Knapp Associates approach begins by assessing your communications potential with the Execu-Speak Personal Concern Inventory. This unique, thorough evaluation helps instructors personalize your training session by focusing on your strengths and concerns.

Extensive videotaping and playing back enables our coaches to work with you to improve your speaking skills. Results can be seen and heard immediately.


Execu-Speak participants say the real-life benefits of the program are:

  • Positive ways to control your nervousness and apprehension
  • Faster ways to organize a presentation
  • Specific details to make an ordinary presentation into a professional one
  • Professional techniques in using visual aids
  • The art of convincing, natural hand gestures
  • How to fine tune your own speaking strengths
  • A better understanding of the subtleties of body language
  • The ability to read the audience, keep their attention and maintain control
  • How to use words with impact and brevity
  • Techniques to positively control the question and answer session
  • How to polish your own genuine speaking style

For immediate improvement which will take you and your team to a higher level, contact Frederick J. Knapp Associates. Let us know when or how we can help you. 

The cost to do so is minimal, the results can be monumental!

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